This week on Antstream 22-06-14 : Image Fight / RealSports Tennis

Just two new games for non-Atari owners again - but don't worry. They'll break your spirit and you'll never want to play a game again. 

Image Fight is a vertical shooter from Irem, released a year after R-Type, while looking like it's about 3 years older. It takes a bunch of cues from its more famous older brother - at the end of level 1, you need to hide in the middle of some spinning circles. Level 2 features a massive enemy ship that you fly alongside, similar to R-Type's level 3. There are a bunch of powerups, including little pods that fly alongside and protect you - all very familiar. One nifty innovation is the ability to switch movement speed at will, so you can switch back to slowcoach mode when you need to finesse a tricky bit, but still zip about when you need to. Other than being vertical though, the main difference you'll notice is how hard it is. Yikes, it's hard. 

But that's not a problem, right? You're good at games, you'll be fine. You love a challenge. 

I think those cars below would be forgiven for breaking the red light.

Even more challenging, maybe, is Realsports Tennis. Hailing from the distant past of 1983, this Atari 2600 title will ruin your self esteem immediately. I don't suppose I need to explain what it's about - It's tennis. There are 3 types of shot ( regular, smash, lob ), keyed off how your movement direction when you hit the ball, and the direction is a function of how close to the ball you are when you swing at it. It's not dissimilar to later games like, notably, Match Point on the Speccy, but it's too bloody fast. 

As you can see, I'm winning 30 - 15. Please ignore the rest of the scoreboard.

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