This week on Antstream 22-06-07 : Full Throttle / Operation Logic Bomb / Rune Monster

We're back to 3 additions this week, after last week's hiccup. But are they any good? Well, yes and no. 

Best by a country mile is LucasArts' Full Throttle. This 1995 release was the first Lucasarts game released on the thrilling new CD format, and the extra storage space is used to good effect. The game looks and sounds great, with bigger and bolder cut scenes, and quality voice acting throughout. 
The plot concerns America's last motorcycle company, who's survival ends up in the hands of biker gang leader Ben, after his gang are framed for murder.
It's a shorter game than most, and an easier one. It's full of character and humour, and generally a low-key classic. 

Second on the block is Operation Logic Bomb, a SNES title from 1993 from Jaleco. And it's a very Jaleco game, in that it's competent and sound, without really standing out. It's a top-down shooter with hints of Smash TV and Alien Breed. A secret research lab has been overrun by an interdimensional threat, and your super-soldier has been sent in to clean up. You've got 2 weapons to switch between, starting out with a fast-firing machine gun and a good-for-nothing shotgun, with the chance to pick up better options later in the game. You move and fire in 8 directions, and can use the strafe buttons to lock your shooting angle in place. It's tough as nails, and you will quickly need to master the art of strafe-locking your fire, and finding angles where you can shoot your enemies without getting shot yourself. A playable and very challenging title, yet lacking a little inspiration.

Last up, Rune Monster. This is a 2016 MSX indie title from Kai Magazine. It's a board-game style rogue-like, apparently. However, one of the characters on the the cover art looks like this 

so I'm not going to play it.

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