This week on Antstream 2022-05-17 : Splatterhouse / Cloud 9 / JeepJamboree

Another Tuesday, another 3 games added to Antstream. Let's check 'em out. 

Spooky! Splatterhouse was a hit in the arcade, more due to its grody horror aesthetic than any gameplay breakthrough. It's a rudimentary side-scrolling beat'em-up, in the spirit of Kung Fu Master. Not-Jason plods along from left to right, whacking assorted zombies and things. Your move set is minimal, the enemies are predicatable and there's not a huge amount going on. But it looks great and the solid 'thonk' sound when you hit someone with your machete is very satisfying. It's a gory good time, but maybe not for a long time.

Well, I'm swiping right. 

If anything, Cloud 9 is even weirder. It's a 1983 Space Invaders style shooter from Atari, where you're a little onion-shaped dude that has to shoot all the clouds before you drown in the rain. And there's a little hopping demon trying to kill you at ground level, and bats. There's a little tactical room to maneuver, as you can move up and down the screen to hasten your fire rate and bamboozle the demon a bit, but apart from being possibly an early global warming parable, it's a bit baffling and not especially notable. 

The city that never sleeps, what with all these giant bats to worry about. 

Last up, a Gameboy title from 1992 - Jeep Jamboree Off Road Racing. Which takes place on roads. Catastrophic naming failures aside, this is a vanilla cockpit driving game, where you race around a series of circuits against other Jeeps at speeds of up to 130kph. It's impressively smooth for a Gameboy title, and uses all 4 available shades of grey to good effect. Of all the systems, Gameboy games in real life looked the least like the screenshots on the box, but on emulation they blow up real pretty. There are a nice selection of options to amend your driving experience too, and different lengths of season etc.. On the whole, the game achieves what it sets out to do, but its perhaps a bit too simple to really capture attention for very long.

Beep-beep, Jeep Jeep, yeah. 

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