This week on Antstream 2022-05-10 : R-Type 2 / The Dig / Dizzy the Adventurer

Time marches on, and games get inexorably more retro. Thus, the longer Antstream waits before publishing your favourite oldie, the better. So don't be too disappointed if the game you've been waiting for doesn't show up - it's maturing

Anyway, let's see what on the menu this time. 

For starters, we have R-Type 2, the 1989 arcade sequel to Irem's classic, which showed up on the service just last week. While naturally not as iconic and ground-breaking as the original, this is flashier and harder and generally R-Typier. An excellent up-beat amuse bouche to whet your appetite. ( Warning : This metaphor will become increasingly strained as we proceed. )

Have we met before?

Our shiny-carapaced waiter delivers a more substantial main course - LucasArt's The Dig, a 1995 point-and-click adventure for PC. While humour was the driver for the majority of the label's adventures, this is a much more serious, sombre affair. The plot concerns the discovery of an asteroid hurtling on a collision course with Earth. A shuttle crew is send to space on a last-ditch mission to intercept and divert the naughty rock, but on arrival the team soon discover that not all is as it seems. The Dig doesn't have the instant appeal of Monkey Island's jokey dialogue, and the overall tone matches the slower pace. Puzzles are perhaps trickier than usual for LucasArts, but not insurmountable. Overall, it's still a solid and satisfying package, if a little tougher than you'd ordered. Like a slightly overcooked steak. 

There's a time and a place, Commander

Dessert then, if you can still stomach it after all that, is a more jolly egg-based proposition, like a custard or something. I wish I hadn't started this food thing. Anyway, it's Dizzy the Adventurer on the NES, apparently a remake of the somersaulting egg's Dizzy : Prince of the Yolkfolk. I've never finished a Dizzy game myself, because I could never stand the twee little oblong so-and-so, but all accounts are that this is one of the better ones, so maybe it's time to reconsider. If the puzzles in The Dig are too much for you, then the puzzles here will be refreshingly simple. 
Cheque please!

He wouldn't be so Dizzy if his jump wasn't that stupid somersault. 

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