The Man With The Golden Joystick

That's Lionel Messi, you can't fool me

Sloanysoft's slogan claims that they make games for fun, but in this instance at least, also for charity. Released in February in support of the Safe in our World organisation, The Man With The Golden Joystick is the father-son team's latest release, for the Spectrum, Dragon 64, TRS-80 & Acorn Electron(!). 

The nightmare scenario behind the action here is that a sentient Commodore 64 is seeking to rid the world of vibrant colours, and must be stopped. Cynics might agree that while that might seem dreadful to Spectrum owners, users of the monochrome Electron might not be so bothered. Anyway,  our hero Lionel Hitch must traverse his stately mansion to collect 128 random items that will help somehow. 

Clearly inspired by Jet Set Willy, the platforming is responsive and the addition of air-control and a health counter ( instead of one-touch death ) makes progress feel more modern and forgiving. Which is not to say that it's easy - slow attrition of your health will take you out if you're not careful. It's a long journey to that 128 item target, and collision detection is not quite pixel-perfect. As ever with this style of game the challenge is rewarded by discovering each new screen's layout & title, which are packed with puns, references and in-jokes. 

The audio's pretty good too on the Speccy version, with some nice James Bond theme covers playing all the while. 

Sloanysoft continue to get better with each release, and this is well worth checking out.

You can acquire it here,
and then lodge a donation here. 

I have never felt so welcome. 


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