Shaolin Deathbasket

Everyone loves an gratuitously long title, so already Redbird and Rat Play Shaolin Deathbasket is off to a good start. According to the instructions, the titular red bird is an extremely minor celebrity - it's one of the birds that guards the bridge in Jet Set Willy. Thrilling stuff. In this game though, the bird is on a break, and rather than rest their weary wings, they're off to play basketball with their rat friend. I don't know if the rat has any prior credits. 

Written with the Nirvana+ multicolour sprite engine, this is certainly a colourful piece of work, with super-smooth animation. It's also very simple, with just a single button controlling play. The bird moves inexorably left and right, and can flap upwards on command to push the ballon into the overhead basket. Each basket is worth one point - score 10 to move to the next screen, which will be functionally identical. 
If you miss your shot, or fail to shoot, or hit the ref in the middle of the screen, you get a red card - get three of these and it's game over.
You can also drop the rat on the referee's head, which will remove a red card. One weird trick that referees HATE etc.. 

It's a simple game of timing, but very smoothly executed and compulsively entertaining. It only takes a few seconds to play, so what's the harm in one more game? 
You can acquire it here :

Bird & ballon on the left, ref in the middle, basket on the right. I have just scored!

JSW. No glory for the magenta bird so far. One day...


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