It's that old videogame chestnut again. You've been reborn as a Deva, and tasked with visiting hell in order to liberate humanity from the chains of suffering, anger and despair. These chains are  being constantly cast towards you by demons, and you must destroy them by making ritualistic hand gestures to gather your energy and shoot it forth. You know, like in Space Invaders. As a reward, the path to Nirvana will be opened. 

Fortunately, the required hand gestures map neatly to up, down, left, right and fire, and the required sequences are displayed to the bottom left of the screen. You dial in the suggested combo, fire and switch to the next. Each shot clears a whole chain, so in theory, you just have to work the combos faster than the demons send the chains at you. This is about possible for the first few levels, but as the combos get longer, it gets progressively more difficult. More good fortune then : you have 2 Gods helping you out, who grant you screen-clearing power-ups once you get to specific levels.

Chains are almost at the bottom of the screen, with 6-gesture combos active. Time to use a powerup.

The key is using your powerups at the right time - you get 8 uses of each, which should be enough. The God to the left gives you a death stream ( Up and Fire simultaneously ) that will clear all chains on the screen, while the God to the left lets you freeze time with Down and Fire. With careful management, you should be able to use these to push through - I managed to attain Nirvana, which features a very nice bit of beeper music, so the challenge isn't so hard. Just shows that you need to accept help in order to succeed. Is that a lesson from Tibetan Buddhism as well? Probably not, but it's good advice anyway. 

As you can see, the graphics are bold and colourful. Animations are limited to hand gestures and characterful eye movements from the gods, while the chains / energy shots jump row by row. In any case though, your eyes will need to be fixed on the combo arrows, with a sense of the closest chain in the corner of your eye. You won't have much time to admire the scenery.

All in all an unique little game from a different cultural perspective than we're perhaps used to. The high-score table sums it up, suggesting for you to Live a Long Happy Life. You certainly won't be unhappy if you give this a download, although playing video games may not help with the Long part. Do some sit-ups, it's done wonders for those two Gods
But first, download it from here.


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