The authors note for this game ( pronounced Triangle Circle Square ) suggests that the idea arose from a discussion how to best word a manifesto. It remains to be seen if the authors join the ranks of past manifesto masters - Marx & Engels, Ted Kaczynski , SCUM etc. - but in the meantime, we have /\O[].

First of all - it looks amazing. Initially, the plan was to use the paintings of Kandinsky, but I don't think the humble Speccy has enough colours for that. Instead, Piet Mondrian got the nod for posthumous art design and his trademark right angles and bold colours seem to have found their natural home. Colour clash has never looked so good, as your characters switch colours seamlessly as they pass through background boundries. 

Circle! Approaching a little green triangle that will transmute into the triangle form

And what of the characters? There are 3 - or perhaps only one, who can say. It's your classic Holy Trinity / Lost Vikings scenario. As you move about in a classic platform game style, you collect icons that switch your character to one of the 3 available shapes, each with their own powers. As Particle Man warned us all those years ago, Triangle is the violent one, able to shoot lasers to destroy enemy shapes in your path. Square is passive but, like, heavy, man, and can collapse weakened floors to force passage. And Circle is the most well-rounded - (s)he has a mighty leap to jump gaps and dangers. All 3 forms are animated in a jaunty fashion as they move, with more character than you'd maybe expect from simple geometric shapes.

Triangle here, caught changing colour between different attribute blocks. Lovely.

Each level forces you through convoluted routes over several screens with all of the shapes required to progress. Controls are smooth and accurate. Occasionally collision detection is a little ropey, but as it's not a super high-action game, that's entirely forgiveable. Especially as the game has a very modern attitude to death, with the infinite lives POKE pre-installed.

The music is top class, depending on how much you like 2 Unlimited. And again, you'll struggle to find a Spectrum game with better visual styling.

It's available as pay what you want on itch.io, or you can splash out for the also stylish physical version at https://teknamic.com/product/tcq/

Look! Look at it!

A typical Spec-chum, yesterday

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