A few developers targeted the Speccy's 40th anniversary  - April 23 2022 - for new releases. One such was Mazania, from Joesoft. A sequel of sorts to Mage Rage from 2019, this one is a Pacman-style maze game with single character sprites, and thus fairly expansive mazes.
The Aging Mage must collect all the wotsits from around the maze, while avoiding contact with the baddies. As you might expect, there are power-ups in each corner - these give you access to a number of fireballs which you can blast at your enemies. Always satisfying. Fruit appears magically as well at intervals - this is not only worth bonus points, but also freezes the enemies in place for a few seconds.
There are 12 levels in all, each with different graphical nods to the classics. 
Movement is smooth and fast, although there are occasionally issues getting around corners on time; there's no pre-turning here, which was key to success in Pacman.
Still, it's charming and colourful, and the graphical switching of each level does provide impetus to proceed. 
You can name your own price and grab it at about to die. Level 2 is themed like Manic Miner's The Vat, but with the ostriches from The Managerie. That's the  yellow wiz trapped near the top left.

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